The BIG Question : Is it Valentines or Is it Him ??

Mt. Abu


Its that day of love again and the city is painted RED. Valentine’s Day unlike any other festive day has a different meaning for each one. Some use it as an excuse to make their better half feel special while others use it to say I Love You to family and friends who we often take for granted. But there are also others who turn their backs on this day and say ‘We don’t celebrate it’.  I think what they are actually trying to say is ‘We celebrate it everyday’. So I guess what I am trying to say is if it’s Him I am celebrating then why do I need a day of the year – isn’t that too less anyway. The love I feel for Him in my heart is meant to be celebrated each day by making Him feel special everyday. Why get so tied up in our daily chores that Valentine’s Day needs to come by and remind us to say “I Love You”. If you are blessed with someone worth loving then let each day be the day of LOVE.


Daily Prompt: Lucky Star[Feeling Lucky – My three wishes]

Daily Prompt: Lucky Star[Feeling Lucky – My three wishes]

It seems so crazy that a blog declares to grant three wishes and we get all fired up as if it were a Genie. I sometimes wonder if the desire for wishing things reflects the discontentment within us? But no that couldn’t be true, cos if it were how could we justify ‘a 3 year old’s wish to steal a look at Santa placing the gifts under the tree’ or ‘a 80 year old’s wish to sit on the same bench by the lake which he has been sitting on for the past 30 years’. Well the child or the old man sure do not look discontent to me. So what is it that makes us want to wish? Let me just say what I think – its that little child within each of us that never wants to stop wanting more. So lets see what the child within me is always wishing for

  • More of him
  • More adventures/experiences
  • More laughter

I also had ‘Happiness’ in mind but then I guess if the above three are granted it would automatically be taken care of 🙂


Meha J



Well this is my first blogging experience and when I saw this great idea I could not wait to get started. When I read this week’s theme I immediately recalled a picture which describes me pretty well. Yes I love to eat which is quite evident by the hint of smile on my face even with a mouthful of food obstructing it. Or maybe the credit of that smile should go to my loving partner who decided to play the “Humble Chef” creating magic behind the curtain.